State Press Releases & Briefings

State Press Releases & Briefings

Please refer to the links below to view print and video press releases and briefings from across the State of Mississippi during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

This page contains Main Press Release/Briefing/Update PagesIndividual Press Releases, Video/Livestream Briefings & Updates, and State Executive Orders.

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Executive Orders:

  • Main State Executive Orders Listing Page
  • Important Executive Orders to Note:
    • Order 1487: Amending "Safer-at-Home" Restrictions for Outdoor Entertainment & School Fitness Facilities/Sports, and Extending "Safer-at-Home" Order with additional Restrictions for Holmes County
    • Order 1486: Amending "Safer-at-Home" Restrictions for Restaurants Not Serving Alcohol and Tattoo Parlors
    • Order 1484: Amending "Safer-at-Home" Restrictions for Pools and Non-essential State Workers, Allowing Elective Medical Procedures, and Restricting Evictions
    • Order 1483: Amending "Safer-at-Home" Restrictions with Special Restrictions for Attala, Leake, Scott, Jasper, Neshoba, Newton, and Lauderdale Counties
    • Order 1481: Waiving One Week Waiting Periods for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
    • Order 1480: Amending "Safer-at-Home" Restrictions for Salons, Barbershops, Personal Care & Grooming Facilities, Gyms, and Fitness Facilities
    • Order 1478: Amending "Safer-at-Home" Restrictions
    • Order 1477: "Safer-at-Home" Order lifting "Shelter-in-Place" Restrictions
    • Order 1476: Closing all Schools for Duration of School Year
    • Order 1474: Extending all Expired Driver's Licenses, Permits, and ID Cards
    • Order 1473: Extending "Shelter-in-Place" Order
    • Order 1470: Ordering Postponement of Elective Surgeries
    • Order 1466: "Shelter-in-Place" Order